Hare Krishna Temple Watford – ISKCON

What You Can Do at the Hare Krishna Temple Watford – Essex

About: A visit to the Hare Krishna Temple is an experience you’ll never forget. A devotee of Lord Krishna who believes in his divine potential can visit this sacred temple situated just a couple of hours north of London, within the gates of a venerable old church. The inside is a great room, painted in thick layers of gold leaf and carpeting that is surrounded on three sides by a high vaulted ceiling. The largest area of the building is taken up by the Lord Krishna himself whom devotees pray to daily.

Hare Krishna Temple Watford  ISKCON


The most important thing about this particular temple is the presence of Lord Krishna, who is believed to dwell within a holy place called ankleta. But what is this location? It’s thought that it was once a cave where Krishna hid away his father. Today, visitors to the temple are greeted by a statue of Lord Krishna which is kept on a perch atop a dais which is supported by four large pillars.


Location is not the only aspect about the Iskcon that makes it special. The museum itself is another fascinating attraction and includes all kinds of items from the classical era. In addition to pictures of Indian rulers, there is also a very intriguing sculpture entitled Swarupika depicting the elephant-riding elephant Chaturanga traveling through the waters of Karthikara. There’s also a smaller version of the elephant safari called Angiruru, depicting the king of gems riding on top of a sting ray.


Another area about the Watford-ISKCON connection you might want to investigate is the Tantra Centre. The Tantric principles and rituals were derived from ancient Hinduism and Buddhism. A popular attraction at the center is The Nanda Purana, which describes in detail the life and times of the Lord Buddha. Some of the images in this book include a meeting between Lord Krishna and Parashurama, Buddha’s mother. This particular book is a favorite among devotees because of its optimistic message about living an enlightened life. Other images found in this section of the museum include the seven headed lion Ganesha and images of other animals that are considered sacred to various Hindu gods and goddesses.


The museum does have a guest speaker who will discuss all aspects of Hinduism including Tantra. Other topics that are often discussed include the role religion has played in influencing society and world events. This portion of the museum can also be a great place for visitors to start learning about the Brahma temples located nearby. The Brahma temples are located near the location of the Watford-ISKCON location. These temples are another important part of Hinduism and are a must see before visiting the Hare Krishna Temple.


The museum will not be able to offer many activities that are not centered around the religion. There is also a craft room where visitors can purchase artwork from various artists. There are also several yoga classes that are offered twice weekly. The location of this Watford – ISKCON attraction is ideal for those who are traveling on business or sightseeing trips. It can also be a great place for those who are interested in learning more about Buddhist teachings.