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If you are looking for a company that will send out specialists who can fix small and big issues in your house, you can trust BM Handyman. We are your reliable company when you need someone to come to your rescue quickly.

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If you have just moved into a new house or apartment there are various repairs, alterations, and services you need. You can call a carpenter just to put together an Ikea furniture and search for a plumber to replace the faucet at the same time. At BM Handyman you get everything under one roof. We have some of the most skilled and efficient workers working for us. They will be the smallest of issues in your house too big changes. We are working with well-trained and certified professionals in multiple fields. If you give us the specification of the kind of work you need, we can send people who are perfect for you.

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BM Handyman provide all sorts of plumbing services. If you need to change the whole waterline, we can do it. Old and rusty water lines can make life difficult. If you notice murky and smelly water in your taps it is best to call experts to get a look at it. Oftentimes mineral clog is the reason for such water. Changing the old water lines can help. We will take care of the heating unit, replace old fixtures, unclog drains, and sinks. If your sewer line is giving you issues, the sink is not draining right, our plumber can fix it.

If you need installing or replacing lights in your house, BM Handyman can help. We also rewire, install switches, repair electric appliances, install new electrical appliances in your house. We do all sorts of small and big electric jobs in Watford and Harrow. If you need service with your breaker box or meter, we can help you with that too. Our home electric safety checks ensure protection against fires and electric surges that can damage all the equipment and devices that work on electricity. We will check the light fixtures, the doorbell, ceiling fan, electric heating system, electric air conditioning, etc. No matter what electric service you need we can provide.

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Wood Flooring watford

If you are planning to installs a wooden floor or need someone to take care of your existing wooden floor, we are here. BM Handyman are experts in installing the wooden floor of different kinds of woods. No matter the matter and style of the wooden floor you need we will make it possible, that to any an affordable price.BM Handyman makes it easy to lock the two boards with each other without the need for a glute and to ensure the seals which connect the two boards are never opened during all the installation from the planning and plan to its implementation by means of an innovative modern mechanism. Each move has been extensively chronicled, from the first board in the first row to finishing accessories.

When you need to remodel or renovate your kitchen you need someone who can help you bring your dream to reality.BM Handyman have some of the best people working for us, who are well versed in Kitchen fitting. We can install the plumbing, the lighting, and the cabinets. We encourage our customers to tell us how they need their kitchen fitting to be done so the end results come out the way they desired. We specialize in kitchen fitting and bring a change to your kitchen will be our leisure.

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Bespoke Furniture watford

When you need customized furniture that compliments your house, you have got us. BM Handyman make bespoke furniture for homeowners. You can control the size, design, color, and texture of your furniture. We have made some really really unique ones too. If you have something different in mind that you want us to execute let us know. We can help to bring the furniture of your dream to come to life. We are experienced and trained wood-workers who have made thousands of bespoke furniture before.

If you have bought ready to assemble furniture but can’t make your way around to assemble it right, you can BM Handyman. We will be able to assemble your furniture at a low price. We ensure the furniture is assembled right, it is strong, and does not get damaged during the assembly. Give us a call today for a quick service.

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