Watford Market

Watford Market Shopping

Watford Market is about to open its doors for evening shoppers to its first ever late night event. ‘Market Lanes’ will take place from September 3rd to the end of October. This street market will feature live street food, cider and a cider bar. For the first time it will also feature non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee and tea. It will continue until the early hours of the following morning.

Watford Market


The market is based in Watford and is part of the wider Watford and West Country area. It attracts visitors from all over the UK as well as from farther afield including Belgium, France, Germany and Russia. The market is located on High Street between Watford High Street and Stow’s Lane. The name originates from being a place where people sold meat.


The market is open to everyone, however it is particularly popular with students. There is always a large number of them around at any one time during the week. The market is packed from Saturday to Sunday and is well worth trying out if you can make it to it on those days. Most people are amazed by the atmosphere of the market and how well it runs as late as it does. There are plenty of stalls selling food, drink, clothes and gifts. There are also many small stores selling locally produced goods as well as other items.


If you are looking for late night menus then you won’t have much choice but to try Watford Market. There are plenty of fine restaurants serving international fare and also the usual local English food. The atmosphere is lively and there is always a great atmosphere. It’s a great place to visit with friends and family for a relaxing evening. If you are going to a late night then it would be wise to get up fairly early so that you can avoid the crowds.


Visiting the market during the week is a very different experience. There is less of the crowd and the atmosphere is calmer. During the week the area is virtually empty except for the market bazaars which remain open until the early hours. This means that the atmosphere is significantly nicer and you won’t feel the crowds pushing you around like they do at the Saturday market.


The market is open daily from Friday to Sunday. The location changes depending on what day it is. You may find it easier to visit on a weekday since most of the shops are closed on Saturdays. The late night hours offer a slightly different atmosphere; however, it is still no match for the high quality shopping that you will find on a Saturday.