Fryent Country Park Watford

Enjoy Fun Activities in and Around Fryent Country Park Watford

Fryent Country Park Watford

Fryent Country Park is located in the north of London Borough of Barnet. It contains about Swanson Green and about forty acres of wooded areas and rolling green spaces. The park has been opened since 1930 and was designed for hiking and strolling. This park provides a great location for those who are looking to spend some time outdoors and it offers a nice location for an afternoon nap.


The location of the park makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. There is plenty to do in the park and for those who enjoy using their imaginations there are many things for children to play in the park. There are several picnic tables available so that park goers can relax while they are eating. There is a stage for plays and musicals during the summer months and the park has a craft area for those who love arts and crafts. There is also a craft and flea market on a regular basis.


About fifteen minutes from the center of Watford is Fryent Country Park. It is about five miles from the closest major town of Watford on the south coast. Because this park is so close to the center of Watford it makes it convenient for people who want to get in a quick workout or to get out and about. It is also very close to the airport and other tourist attractions.


About seven miles from Fryent Country Park is the home of David Fry. David is the owner of Fry’s Dry Cleaning Company. It is ten minute’s drive from the center of Watford and about a mile and a half from the bus terminal. About one hour and fifteen minutes to ride the bus from Fry’s to your hotel if you are staying at the nearby Hampton Inn. If you are traveling from the London Heathrow Airport it will be another five minutes drive to get to the park. Once you are at the park you will need to make a reservation or you will not be able to get into the park.


You can find great fried chicken at the park but there are also a couple of tables outside that you can purchase some sandwiches and burgers to sit on while you are enjoying your time at the park. You can find coffee at the park as well although there may be only one or two types available. Some of the coffee shops also have small stores where you can purchase other things at the park including sandwiches, hot dogs, coffee and tea.


You can take a hike, bike ride, or even take a picnic to the park from your home. You can take your car or hire a scooter to get around the park. The nearest hotel to the park is about eight miles away and it is also just a fifteen minute walk from the train station. There are many different places that you can eat at and many of them are also a few blocks away from the park. There is plenty of shopping near the park and a couple of small hotels that are also close to the park.