Bernays Gardens Watford

Information About Bernays Gardens Watford – Northamptonshire

Located just a stones throw away from London, Bernays Gardens is London’s largest public garden and one of the most beautiful. Situated on the site of a former stable and stables, it is now home to a wide variety of plant life, flowers, woodland animals and birds. The tranquil park features a large wooded area, ponds, and fountains and is surrounded by many tall buildings. In total, it is a great place to take a peaceful stroll around.


This location is located close to many popular sights and sounds in London. It is home to a popular film studio and the birthplace of the Royal Family. Being so close to central London, it is easily accessible from a variety of locations, including buses and trains. Being centrally located, it is also accessible from other places in England and beyond.


Another great thing about this location is that it is very convenient. Getting there is easy and from any point of the city you are just a short walk. It is just one hour away by train or car to Battersea, the capital of south London. It is a short drive to Henley in West London, the county’s cultural hub. Other nearby towns include Clapham Common and Watford.


One of the great things about visiting Bernays Gardens is that it has a wide range of amenities for visitors to enjoy. There is a large playground for children called the playground which is located next to the clubhouse. Here children can run, climb walls, play ball games, and enjoy a picnic lunch.


There are several dog friendly areas around the park. There is a fenced in garden that has a small dog park. The dogs are not allowed to get into the wooded areas or to access any of the gardens paths. If you have a dog that is particularly friendly then you may consider bringing him here on several occasions during the year. If he becomes a nuisance you can contact the park management and they will try to make arrangements to help you.


If you are considering a visit to the famous garden located close to St. Paul’s Cathedral, then you will be glad to know that it is not dog friendly. The reason is that dogs are often a security risk in the park. The large numbers of people walking around in groups of two or three can confuse an unwanted guest. As long as you keep your pet on a leash and keep your pet within a fair distance from other people (especially when you are in the garden) then you should have a pleasant visit here.