Bushey Rose Garden

The Bushey Rose Garden 

Bushey Rose Garden, in particular, offers you the chance to enjoy all of the natural wonders that this part of the world has to offer. With beautiful gardens, trees and plants that have grown here for centuries, Bushey is steeped in history. It is where people have made beautiful works of art and architecture, like the Thomas Gainsborough House and the famous “Gainsborough Priory”.

Bushey Rose Garden


You can take a stroll through this garden and see its many wonderful features. There are many statues and features to admire and take pleasure in. Of course, the one statue that you must definitely see is that of the ” incarnation of Christ”. This location is the focus of this garden, and it is quite easy to see why that is the focus of so much of what is here.


But, you need not be intimidated by the size of the area. While it is certainly a large garden, with plenty of space, it is also very intimate. The two-story roof tops are perfect for enjoying the views from this location. You can also see the nice little stream flowing past. Here, you will be able to hear the tinkling of the water and feel the cool breeze on your face.


Of course, it would not be a Bushey Rose Garden without the beautiful gardens and other features. One particular location that you will definitely want to spend some time taking in is that of the Crystal Fountain. This fountain has four underwater lighted facets that bring to life a beautiful scene of flowers and other greenery. You can relax by the fountain and look over the crystal waters as they gently flow over you.


If you do not want to spend as much time at the garden, you may decide to just sit down at the table and relax. Bushey is quite a quaint place, with many lovely restaurants and cafes that are located close by. You will find a variety of foods that you enjoy, such as pizza, pasta, burgers, hot dogs, or even ice cream. You can also grab a drink and some snacks while you are here, making it an ideal getaway location.


No matter what your style, there is something to fit your needs at the Bushey Rose Garden. Enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying your lunch or dinner. You may even want to take a yoga class or have a manicure while you are here. Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy the experience.