Philipshill Wood Watford

Philipshill Wood – Popular Retail Location

Philipshill Wood is situated in Hertfordshire, England. It is a famous shopping center on the river Medway in the area of Watford, Hertfordshire. It opened in June 1992 following the re-renaming of its predecessor Harlequin Shopping Center. The center was re-named again as intu Watford in 2021 following its successful merger with Capital Shopping Centres Group.


The main floor of Philipshill has been divided into three zones. Each zone has its own entrance, which can be reached by elevators or stairs. Below this you will find the stores which are located below ground level. The main part of the building is above ground level and contains about eighty five stores.


There are also two restaurants located here. At the first store you will find a Chinese restaurant. The other restaurant offers a variety of dishes and snacks. Inside the store are about one hundred and fifty slots for shoes, while the third store is only dedicated to snacks and shoes.


The main reason why this location became so famous is because of the many celebrities who have had their photos taken here. These include members of the Royal Family who were born in Hertfordshire. The building itself was designed by John Douglas and John Clements. The interior designer responsible for its design is Anne Baxent.


Philipshill Wood is an ideal location for those who want to purchase new and second-hand goods. In addition to the large number of department stores located nearby, this store is also home to independent stores such as Hobbies, Zazzle, and C&A. It is not possible to buy CDs at this store due to the size of the store. The area surrounding the store is highly urbanized with restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that one can walk to.


If you are looking for a unique experience, you should visit the Philipshill Shopping Center. This store is located on the opposite side of the road from the train station in Hinkley. The entrance is on High Street. To get into the Philipshill Shopping Center, you can either enter through the front door or turn right around and walk towards the back door.


If you are going on a shopping spree, you should take a ride to Hinkley. The Hinkley station is located close to the store’s location. For a quick trip to the store, you should take the train which is located in the Woodrow Wilson Station. The journey from Hinkley to the Philipshill Shopping Center takes about two hours.


Another great feature of the Philipshill Wood is that it has a self-service entrance. Although there are many self-service stores today, this is one of the few which offers this feature. The store has many different products for you to choose from. It is possible to select the items you want to be purchased from the self-service counter without having to go to the checkout.


There are many reasons why people prefer to visit the Philipshill Shopping Center rather than other shopping centers. For one, it is located centrally in the city. You will never run out of places to see in this location. In addition, it has a large amount of stores to offer. You should consider a trip to the Philipshill Wood if you are planning a shopping spree in the area.