Willows Activity Farm

Willows Activity Farm Park in Hertfordshire – For All Season

Willows Activity Farm offers four different locations for outdoor fun in Watford. The farm has four large clay basketball courts, one for each team in the three age groups – from toddlers to teens. This great new attraction in Watford gives kids the chance to play on a real basketball court and even get a little team together with the help of a coach. There is no need to leave the field, as the coaches can watch from their perch on the bleachers. This is also an excellent place for a quiet afternoon with a nice meal.

Willows Activity Farm


Adults may want to visit the Willows Activity Farm to enjoy the indoor fun, or if they have younger children they can visit the Willows Activity Farm for the outdoors fun. Willows Activity Farm offers indoor fun with its free parking, large assortment of refreshments, snacks, hot dogs and pizza and there are even pet friendly amenities. With a variety of concession stands, indoor shopping, and a large variety of food choices, there will surely be something for all ages at Willows Activity Farm, and there will certainly be lots of ways for children to remember their time spent at the farm. Entry to the indoor fun fair is included in the total cost of admission to Willows Activity Farm.


The Willows Activity Farm is also known for its hot air balloon ride. With only a limited number of tickets available, ballooning is a popular attraction for kids and adults alike. During the day the balloon tour takes kids on a balloon ride over the many fields of the activity farm where they can see how the plants grow, harvest and hunt for food. At night the sky balloons rise to the sky and the children fly along with them on the hot air balloon ride. Admission to this fun fair is included with admission to the Willows Activity Farm, and it is recommended that guests bring a printed copy of the event brochure to hand out to other attendees so that they know where to go for additional information.


Willows Activity Farm Park is also host to a pumpkin festival. This annual event brings to Watford and surrounding areas a variety of pumpkins for decorating and eating. Each October, the public is invited to attend and enjoy the spectacular events, which feature a variety of live entertainment as well as free face painting and pumpkin carving by local children and adults. There is no admission charge; instead visitors are encouraged to come dressed up as Peter Rabbit and visit the Willows Activity Farm Park for a chance to meet the rabbit and get an opportunity to pet him.


Visitors to Willows Activity Farm Park can also visit the Petting Farm. Set in a 18ft square enclosure, the farm park offers a large variety of attractions including Petting Farm Road, featuring interactive exhibits featuring local farm animals such as goats and sheep, and Goffe Farm Road, featuring a sheep and goat attraction featuring a stroll through a wheat field, meet the sheep and goats, and pet them. There is no fee for use of the farm park or for the Petting Farm, but children under three years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult. There is also a small fee for use of the Petting Farm’s hayracks. The entire park, including the hayracks, is open every day except Sunday, October first, from noon until three o’clock in the afternoon, in order to accommodate animal owners coming in to pick their own farm animals.


Willows Animal Sanctuary is another place to experience Willows Activity Farm Park and its sister Willows Farm Park. Located near Penge, within the St Albans National Park, the sanctuary features not only a large selection of exotic mammals but a children’s play area as well as an indoor playing zone featuring fire, sound, bounce houses and slide on slideos. The animals include all kinds of exotic mammals and exotic birds, as well as reptiles and amphibians. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy this unique indoor and outdoor experience, which runs the full schedule throughout the year.