Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

The Great Hall of the Forest at Leavesden Studios

The Making of Harry Potter, a comprehensive and fascinating tour and walk through exhibition, is part of the worldwide fan reaction to J.K. Rowling’s amazing Harry Potter book and film. Tourists have a chance to see the set of the movie as well as to go on an exploration of props and locations used in the creation of the films. You will experience all the thrills and excitement of the worldwide fan favorite Harry Potter adventure as you go on this unforgettable London visit. This location is about fifteen minutes outside of central London. There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations in and around this location, and a variety of transportation means are available for you to take to get to the location.

Warner Bros Studio Tour London

The Making of Harry Potter will take visitors on a nine-day tour of London and the studios that made the book and film. The tour covers the entire backlot where the studios are located. On this excursion, you will discover the vast Harry Potter replica sets that were built to resemble the places where the books were originally written. You will see the authentic sets of the locations where the characters were filmed and photographed. The tour guide also explains how the movies are produced and put together, and give some background about the production.

A special section of the tour takes place at the Warner Bros. Pictures in New York studios, which is the home of the studio. You will be given a guided tour of the different floors and areas of the studios. In addition to the studios, the tour will also take you to the Universal Studios theme parks, the London landmark landmarks, the BBC headquarters, and the castle itself in Hogsmeade. For the lucky ones who will be chosen as a volunteer for the Potter internship program, the tour will take them to the Hogsmeade site where they will work with children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities.

If you are looking for an exciting way to travel to London to see the Harry Potter attractions, the tour may be perfect for you. For those people who are not familiar with the series, there have been several movies based on the series. For example, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was the first film of the series, and the second is The Hagrid Report. There are several other films in the works and more are expected to be released in the coming months.

Other highlights of the tour include a visit to the actual location of the main Harry Potter film set, and the Hogsmeade site where the magical world of Harry lives. A wonderful way to end the day is to travel to Leavesden studios. The studios are situated in an old part of town known as Wandsworth. It has a very beautiful river view and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. While at Leavesden studios, you can do some shopping, or you can spend the day doing nothing but enjoying the fantastic scenery. It is a great day out for the whole family.

Another great feature of the Warner Bros. studio tour London is that it takes you to the location of the most famous Potter attraction – the Potter World. The attraction is located to the north of Leavesden. The ride is themed after the location, and the resort is just like any other theme park. People can go on the ride and then visit all the other attractions at the resort. If you want to be a part of the hype surrounding the Potter phenomenon, then make your way to Leavesden.

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