Village Hotel Watford

The Adirondack Chairs And Other Amenities At The Watford Village Hotel Watford

Village Hotel Watford

For those looking for a quaint, charming and affordable place to celebrate their wedding day, a trip to the Village Hotel Watford could be just what they are looking for. This 5 star hotel is located in Watford, a popular destination for people who are planning to get married in the UK. At this luxury hotel, couples can look forward to having their special day like a dream. Guests do not have to worry about how much food and drinks are going to cost them because this is a location that offers them everything within their budget. The Village Hotel Watford is also situated minutes from all of the important tourist attractions such as the Watney Castle, St. Bride’s Mount, Cheddar Caves, the River Saxoon and even the Sea Life Center, which is located just around the corner from the hotel.


During their stay at the Village Hotel Watford, guests can expect to enjoy the following amenities. There is a grand fireplace with a Victorian fireplace design that comes complete with a cozy fire surround and mantel. Other upgrades include a state of the art wet bar, an indoor pool, and a delicious and delectable lunch buffet, which provides guests with everything they would want for their big day.


As a wedding guest, you will also want to know about the packages offered at this lovely location. There are many different packages from which to choose, including the Full Package, the Premier Package and the Standard Package. The Full Package provides you with everything you need to make your day one to remember. You receive a double bed, a comfortable sofa and breakfast, room service, a mini bar, a welcome package, and a 200 max limit on your credit card. The Premier Package allows for a larger quantity of drinks, meals and gratuities and has a maximum of two bedrooms.


When it comes to choosing the type of room you want for your special day, you will have a variety of different options. The Platinum Suite has a fully functioning private jet and was designed especially for couples. It offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury for your guests. The Premier Suite offers your guests more space with an additional twin or double bed and is perfect for couples planning their wedding in Watford.


The Watford location offers guests many other services as well. They offer a full laundry facility that offers a high rate of customer satisfaction. Guests are welcome to bring their own linen and will have the option of selecting from a number of stylish and elegant designs. There are a number of guest parking spaces available in the vicinity of the hotel. There are also numerous cottages and camping areas for your convenience. All of these convenient amenities are a large part of providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your guests.


The facilities and services provided by this Watford village hotel are above and beyond what you would expect from a typical guest. When you arrive at the Watford you will find an extensive number of restaurants within walking distance. There is also a number of fine dining restaurants within a short distance from the hotel. You will find that there are a number of excellent shopping opportunities in the area. There are also a number of fantastic nightlife clubs and bars close by to provide you with entertainment on a relaxing evening.