Tykes Water Lake Watford

Adventures in Taupo, New Zealand

Tykes Water Lake Watford

Taupo, New Zealand is the home of the popular family-friendly Tykes Water Lake. Located on the Taupo / Watford area of New Zealand’s North Island, this lake is about an hour’s drive from downtown Taupo. If you enjoy water sports and scenery, this is a great destination for your vacation. You’ll love the lake and the city around it.


You can start your vacation in the town of Taupo, where you can shop at the Shops of Taupo and enjoy the shopping atmosphere. You can also do some local shopping in the High St. Place Mall, or in town at the nearby Paradise Mall. You can choose to stay in a hotel in Taupo or take a bus service into town. There are many hotels in all price ranges to fit any budget. There’s something for every one in your family, no matter their taste.


Your journey will begin in the rural area of Waiheke, which is about two hours from Taupo City. Here, you’ll find a quiet location about 5 km from the lake, surrounded by rugged mountains. It’s a location with breathtaking views, perfect for spending time alone or with your children. In the summer months, you can enjoy the hiking trails around the location.


Just south of Taupo City is the Waiheke Reserve, where visitors can go whale watching or stroll through the natural forest. While in Waiheke, don’t forget to stop at the Waiheke Woods, where you can hike along the nature trail and experience a picnic with free-flying birds. Another fun activity to do while in Taupo is taking a road trip through the various villages located around the lake. You can stop at places such as Hell’s Gate, where you can enjoy coffee and hot chocolate, as well as some local artisans’ creations. Nearby is the Hell’s Gates National Park, where visitors can learn about the different cultures represented by Polynesian cultural features, such as kaupius and Maori.


Finally, make sure to spend a day or two at the Hell’s Gate Wildlife Reserve before returning to Taupo City for your luxurious vacation rental. This location is home to a large variety of native animals, including the gray seal. This seal has become a popular tourist attraction, especially for those traveling on vacation to Taupo. When visiting this reserve, make sure to bring a camera to document the unique wildlife you encounter.


Getting there is easy, with many flight options available from Taupo airport. It’s also possible to rent a car from the parking area on the outskirts of Taupo City. From there, you should be able to reach your accommodation fairly easily, including the Waiheke Reserve and Hell’s Gates location. Finally, don’t forget to eat a nice lunch, as you will need to travel back to Taupo after your amazing hiking adventure. To make the most of your stay, consider booking a spa or other services at a nearby hotel to complete the rest of your relaxation experience in Taupo.