The Three Rivers Museum Basing House Watford

The Three Rivers Museum Basing House Watford

Watford – The Three Rivers Museum is located near Watford, a famous Roman town dating back to the first century. The Roman influence has been preserved, and visitors can see Roman roads, public baths and other interesting Roman town products. This museum contains many original artifacts as well as hundreds of displays. Visitors can also see The Three Rivers Museum Gallery which was built as an exhibition centre. The museum centres around the theme of the river Thames.


The museum is open from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday only the Sunday schedule is available. In addition, there is usually a Free Bus Program which goes along the River Thames starting from the Basing House station. The schedule allows people to tour the entire area and take in some of the sights along the way. For those who would prefer to tour the museum in more detail, there are several guided tours that are offered. These tours are scheduled to last for about an hour. The museum centre is only one block away from the busy Basing House station on the train line.


The Roman origin of the Watford area can be seen throughout the museum. There are numerous examples of both domestic and agricultural architecture. There are also many examples of foundry equipment and textile processing. Artworks from various eras of the Romans can be found here.


The Iron and Bronze ages are represented here with both everyday and large scale finds. These include artifacts of the Roman occupation, as well as items found during settlements, such as farmhouse artifacts. Statues and busts of important historical personalities are also on display. Bathroom vanities and wall-mounted mirrors are also found here.


Iron Age artifacts are often found in abundance. This includes a wide variety of tools, implements and weapons. Domestic and farm implements as well as ceramic art pieces can all be found. The Watford the third largest Iron Age settlement site was found here.


The museum can also be visited in winter. Visits can be made in the months of April, May and June. The full schedule of events is posted online ahead of time. The Watford the three rivers museum can be a great place to take the family or any friends for a day out or evening of history and art.


One of the highlights of the museum is the fact that it is home to more than two hundred foundry workings. Watford the third largest foundry city in England, foundries like the Bowring Gate foundry, Alton Stone foundry and Fylingdon foundry produce many different types of jewelry and other artworks. Artworks range from ancient portrayals of animals and people to impressive depictions of horses and other animals. Some of these are over one hundred years old.


The variety and quality of the artifacts found here is exceptional. Many of these foundries date back over a thousand years. The quality of the pieces is normally very good. Artwork from these locations ranges from the extremely old to the very new. The history of foundry practices in Watford is also reflected in the quality of jewelry and other works available through the Watford the third largest foundry in England.