The Forties Experience

The Forties Experience In Watford – The Fun Fantastic Facts

The Forties Experience

The Forties experience is one that has appeal for many people of all ages. The place was mainly a mining area but has now developed into a tourist destination of its own. I am not sure that this development has been well planned, but I am happy to see that there are now lots of things to do in Watford.


Opening Times: The Forties Experience has traditionally been known as a location for “boat and pub” experiences. I think that this tradition has fallen out of favour now that more of an emphasis is being placed on the educational aspects of the museum. This museum also features a summer exhibition called London Calling where boat trips are a great way to experience the Thames. Other popular dates include trips to central London. If you are coming from central London then the museum is close to the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington Maritime Museum, Tate Modern, and Tate Britain.


What To Do In The Forties Experience: The most popular of the attractions at The Forties Experience are its railway stations. These stations have been restored and are worth a trip back in time. The popular attraction of the station is the old Southern Railway Station. You will get the chance to explore the forts that once stood here. Some of these are the world’s first underground stations.


The museum also offers a large indoor playground which is full of exciting equipment and lots of fun for the kids to play on. Other attractions on offer in this air force museum include the Beechcraft Aircraft Carrier Museum, hangar building and a radio control bridge. There are also many learning areas for parents. For example, there is a small section where you can learn about the construction of the Wright Brothers’ first plane.


The Watford Park is another great place to take the whole family if you are in Hertfordshire or surrounding areas. The whole family will enjoy the huge outdoor space which has an awesome water feature and many other activities such as basketball court, slides, bridge, and climbing frames. There is also a great kids area which has swings, monkey bars, arts centre, games, and kiddie areas.


Harry Potter World is another attraction you should look out for in the area if you are visiting The Forties Experience in Watford. The theme park of the same name gives you a glimpse into the magic world of Harry Potter. This theme park includes over 40 rides and roller coasters. Other exciting things to do here are the Wizarding World attractions, Diagon Alley, and Hogsmeade. The park is also known to have the most amazing cast of characters with more than 80 locations to visit.