TeamSport Go Karting Watford

Team Sport Shop – The Pros And Cons Of Buying Sports Equipment At A Store

TeamSport Go Karting Watford

TeamSport, a leader in the industry for karting equipment and accessories has recently expanded into the UK with their new store in Watford, Hertfordshire. They have teamed up with local real estate company Freshhouses to provide some of the best locations for karting in the UK. The new store has been designed to cater both first time customers and established hobbyists from all over the world. They sell a variety of products including karts, parts and racing memorabilia. Freshhouses takes pride in their location and all of their employees are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of the sport.


Team Sport provides karts that are both safe and legal for tournament racing with many added extras such as carbon monoxide alarms, premium paint and clear lenses. State-of-the art kart track with digital timing and high flyover. Professional staff on site to help with any problems that you might encounter while out driving. Club house with bar and television. Freshhouses takes all the insurance and registration details very seriously and ensures that each kart they sell is properly insured and has had a thorough check by an authorized inspector. Some of the well known real estate companies in the area also deal with Team Sport and have a good reputation in the market.


If you live close to either of the Team Sport locations, you can go in advance and purchase your kart from them. Many of the stores have a showroom so you can see exactly what you will get before hand and most also offer test drives. Purchasing your kart online is quite simple and convenient and many websites will offer free delivery. The store front offers a wide variety of makes and models to choose from along with a large selection of spare parts and accessories, many of which can be personalized.


Team Sport has many locations across the country and their popularity has increased in recent years and naturally as kart racing has become more popular there has been an increase in competition at the tracks. If you are serious about joining, be prepared to put in some work and perhaps take some courses to sharpen your racing skills and the driving skills needed for track day. The tracks will offer advice when needed and many will even offer you lessons, which would make a great addition to your driving and racing abilities.


Most sports stores have a section dedicated to karting that will allow you to test drive your new car before placing your order for the vehicle. It is worth going to the store in person to get a feel for the size of the track, what kind of drainage the track has and to look over the maintenance plan for the track. In general, the fees to use the track are minimal as compared to other racing venues. Some of the tracks in the USA have special fees for high speed karts and other categories that are considered ‘high risk’. You should make sure to check this out and understand what your fees are before ordering. Sometimes if you pay the fee, you get additional time to prepare for the race and other times, the store will just charge you the standard kart entry fee.


Finally, if you plan on racing at one of the tracks, you may want to consider bringing along a couple of friends or family members with you. This would not only make it easier for you to coordinate a group, but could also help keep your costs down if you were racing with a budget in mind. Another thing to consider is if the track offers any type of discount for their karts. If so, it would make sense to join the team sport shop. After all, you’ll save money and they will give you good service, and that’s what’s most important.