Stocker’s Lake Nature Reserve Watford

Galway, Ireland – A Tourist Experience at Stocker’s Lake

Located just south of Watford, on the opposite side of the River Calder, is the small town of Stocker’s Lake. This picturesque location was chosen as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South East Asia for its outstanding natural and artistic assets, and has been called the lost town of England. In fact, over the centuries this natural park has been a favorite hideout and holiday destination for those venturing to the country’s heart.

Stockers Lake Nature Reserve Watford


The location is known for its summer camps, which attract campers from all around the world during the summer months. There is a wide range of activities to be found at the lake including walking, boating and fishing. For those who want to explore further, a nature trail network is also available leading up to the main park headquarters. The park’s conservation status is a major reason for the park attracting visitors from around the world, who can enjoy the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding countryside. However, it is important to note that stocks have been increasing in the lake due to over-exploitation.


Visitors to Stocker’s Lake nature reserve will find an exciting opportunity to combine exercise with a relaxing time outdoors. A host of outdoor sports are available including walks, jogging and cycling. Boats are also available for hire, and many water parks are situated nearby. For those interested in more strenuous activities, fishing charters and group fishing trips are also available. There are also opportunities to learn about the history of the local area and to experience local food and drink.


One aspect of the nature reserve that stands out is its status as a World Heritage Site. The reservoir that feeds the lake has been added to the World Heritage List several times, including in 1998 when it was added to the list as a priority habitat. It is important to recognise the historical and ecological significance of this lake, which is located in close proximity to the town of Galway City. As well as being a World Heritage site, Stocker’s Lake Nature Reserve has also won several awards, including the coveted ” Conservation Landscape of the Year” from the Irish Times.


Over seven hundred thousand visitors are estimated to pass through the park each year. The amount of natural vegetation found within the park is particularly impressive, with over two hundred types of flora and fauna found within the basin. Of these, over one hundred varieties of birds are recorded. In addition, over twenty species of mammals are also known to visit the park on a regular basis. It is possible to book a guided day trip on one of Galway’s ferries to get a closer look at the flora and fauna of the lake and surrounding area.


Over seven hundred trees are found in the park and another hundred flowers. The park also has two miles of bike path and three miles of walking tracks. For those visitors who prefer a more leisurely pace, it is possible to hire a boat and spend an afternoon enjoying the lakes views or taking part in one of the activities available on the beach. There are also a number of camping options available at Stocker’s Lake Nature Reserve.