Parents Paradise Children’s Play Centre

Parents Paradise: Gambia

Parents Paradise Childrens Play Centre

Parents Paradise Children’s Play Centre, situated in Informacje, Gambia is a one-of-a-kind centre. In reality, it is more of a resort than a centre for children’s entertainment. Parents Paradise features all the facilities that you could ask for from an entertainment venue. A wide range of equipment for games, a huge indoor swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, babysitting services are on offer. This is a good option because Gambia is not known as a safe country for children especially during vacations.


OMIE FIRE is the UK’s premier indoor fun centre and children’s playgrounds. The location itself in Gambia gives you the feel of a tropical paradise. There are no lions, elephants or buffalo wandering around, nor any sounds of thunder, but rather the sounds of children’s play. You won’t consume any food or drink within the premises; instead, you’ll just make sure all kids wear loose-fitting clothes or tights at all times during the day.


When you visit the OMIE FIRE, you can count on having a great time with all the children in your care. The place is extremely clean and well organised, and has many amenities that will definitely keep you entertained. For example, there are over forty free-standing soft playsets and climbing frames, climbing ropes and slide equipment. There are also games such as Bunkers, which are available for children between the ages of two to six.


Parents Paradise is not the only children’s play centre in Gambia; there are numerous centres in the capital cities as well as inland regions around the country. However, parents seem to prefer the OMIE FIRE because their children seem to enjoy their time there more. It is a large and well organised centre, and it caters for both parents and their children. There are also a number of other centres, which are more suitable for tourists.


If you’re travelling with children of a younger age, then there are other locations in Gambia where you’ll be able to have some fun. For instance, you can visit the Monkey Forest, where you’ll be able to hold monkeys (called macaws), feed them and talk to them. Of course, if you’d like to take your children to experience something a little more adventurous, then head over to the Watamu Fishing Village. You can hire fishing rods, keep the children entertained with a small aquarium and watch them catch fish. However, the best part is when you bring your children and the rest of your party to the River Safari, where you’ll see elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles and a whole host of other creatures swimming through the river.


Of course, there are all sorts of activities for children of all ages. Take your children to a safari park, where you can feed the animals and even get to know some of the indigenous people. This is a great way to develop bonds with your kids while teaching them about the environment. And once you’re done, head over to the Butterfly Garden, where you’ll see colourful butterflies flutter around in their natural habitat.