Old Gorhambury House Watford

The Old Gorhambury House

Old Gorhambury House is a beautiful 19th century house located within the vibrant city of Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom. It was built by the Worsley family back in the year 1849 and served as a favorite family getaway until one of the three original family members lived in a different location and took the property with him. This is where the property was first purchased and now it is being transformed into a very comfortable family home.

Old Gorhambury House Watford


The property is located within a short distance from the center of the City of London. The Worsleys were extremely popular people who enjoyed a very prestigious life as prominent citizens of their day. This included a number of inventions that were helped them to establish a thriving business in the land of Gorhambury. John Worsley was the local banker and he loved the area of Gorhambury because of its beautiful countryside and lovely towns. John’s sons David and Alfred were also exceptionally talented musicians and they loved to spend time relaxing and playing music in the garden at the Old Gorhambury House.


When they sold the property, they left it standing and maintained it throughout the rest of their lives. However, in the early nineteen fifties David inherited the Old Gorhambury House and immediately began remodeling the property. David Worsley loved the property so much that he even added a new wing to the building known as the David Worsley Wing. Today, the wing is no longer operating and is currently being renovated. David Worsley’s son Alfred also enjoys living in the Old Gorhambury House and he spends most of his spare time here relaxing or playing golf.


The Old Gorhambury House is located on the site of an ancient Roman city that was known as Custersworth. The road from the present location of the Worsley’s to Custersworth takes you through a beautiful wooded valley. You will be able to see many beautiful Roman buildings and cathedrals. The area also has some very beautiful gardens complete with fruit trees and beautiful flowers. The weather in Custersworth is mild which makes it a perfect location for anyone who loves to spend their time outdoors. The Worsley’s Tree Farm is located on the opposite side of the valley and it is believed to date back to the fifth century.


The Old Gorhambury House dates back to the year sixteen hundred and fifty. The original purpose of the farm was to create a grazing ground for sheep and oxen. In its later years the property was turned into a beautiful country estate. Today you will see the original brick walls and gate, as well as the stable and a good amount of land for you to stroll around.


The Old Gorhambury House is open to visitors during the summer months. This is because the property is located on a large wooded area and it is quite heavy and noisy. The weather in Custersworth is usually mild and it is relatively easy to reach the Old Gorhambury House from the Old Town of Custersworth. It is also fairly easy to get to the Gorhambury Market which is located on the opposite side of the valley. The market is open from Monday to Saturday.