Northala Fields

Roundabout at Northala Fields in Camden – Information About the Project

Northala Fields

Northala Fields is a small park situated in Northolt, in the London Borough of Ealing, south London. It was created in 2021 and includes four artificial highland grass fields on the A40 Western Avenue and a further two adjacent playground areas, a large wooded area and a children’s play ground. The park is within the London Borough of Camden. It is very much promoted by the local council as being a safe, central location for people to come and go. However, one of the main attractions is its relatively affordable price for parking.

The developers hope that the building will provide a lively place to live and works as part of an integrated green space network along the High Street. In fact, part of the design of the development includes plans to create a “new park”, which will connect to the existing Northala Fields via a cycle path, creating a greenway through the center of the four parks. This project is part of the Camden Living Streets strategy, which is an innovative approach to incorporating outdoor space and active spaces within the city. The project is part of the wider initiative to rejuvenate the whole north of London and bring it back into a state of its own, outside of central London.

One of the projects, entitled as part of the London Skillset Delivery Strategy, is to improve access to affordable housing in the north of London, particularly in communities like Northala fields. As a result, a roundabout has been installed between the A40 at Kennington Road and the A40 at Northala. The roundabout has three traffic lanes and six turn lanes, making it a good place for commuters to enter the city from the Kennington Road. This is not the first roundabout that has been added to the A40, and on its way, it has become very congested. There are currently plans to have another roundabout added onto this section of the road, thereby linking it with the already existing Kennington Park Retail Park and Lanes. Also find more about

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