Moor Park Golf Club

Enjoy the Glorious Glade at Moor Park Golf Club

Moor Park Golf Club, located in Sunninghill, Hertfordshire, is a highly regarded golf course. It is one of only two public courses in the whole of the United Kingdom. There are about three hundred and fifty club members. It offers players the chance to experience some of the world class golf courses available. If you have never been to this particular golf club, you should definitely make it a point to see what it has to offer.


When you visit the Moor Park Golf Club, it will feel like you have landed in the middle of a small village. That is because it is set in a beautiful part of Sunninghill, Hertfordshire. There is a main gate which is open and leads to a large, fenced in courtyard. To the immediate right of the main entrance is a large, lobby type building. You will find that the entire front of this building has been decorated with various pictures of golfing legends, which give the feel that you are at the offices of a famous golf pro.


The name “Moor Park” comes from a historical quote by Sir Francis Marion; “A gentleman once said that when he had lost a game he should go and play at the moor.” This quote is about golf courses that offer an 18-hole or seven-hole course. The course is considered to be the best golf courses in all of the United Kingdom. In fact, people from all over the United Kingdom and Canada travel for golfing holidays to play at this golf club. The official name of the location is “Moor Park”. It is officially known as a country estate.


When you make your way into the main clubhouse of Moor Park Golf Club, you will discover that it is two stories high. The building actually looks like a few buildings that have come together to create a magnificent building. There are many lavish features inside of the clubhouse such as a spa, fireplaces, formal gardens, a swimming pool and tennis courts. There is even a library with more than 400 books on different topics about life in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world.


You do not have to play golf in order to enjoy the beauty of Moor Park Landscape. The location offers beautiful hiking trails, picnic areas and nature reserves. In fact, you can take a walk to the River Nene, which flows just beyond the course you would be playing upon. A walk along this path will allow you to see the majestic birdlife along the banks of the river, which is also near to the course.


The United Kingdom has a long standing history, and is the home to many popular cities around the world such as London, which is why the golf courses at Moor Park Golf Club are so well loved. Many celebrities have played golf at this venue, such as Sir Alex Ferguson, who is a professional football coach for Manchester United. Other well known names include Ernie Els and Nick Faldo, who are both now active golfers. You can find out more about the location of the course by visiting its website, which offers information about golfing holidays in London and other cities, details about the course, and provides some stunning photos from earlier seasons.