Maple Lodge Nature Reserve Watford

Why Maple Lodge Nature Reserve is a Popular Park

If you’re considering visiting, why not consider a visit to the Maple Lodge Nature Reserve? A trip to this unique and tranquil reserve is one that is truly unforgettable. The scenery here is simply breathtaking. It has been described as the largest natural woodland reserve in England and is very much able to provide you with that. It is also home to many rare species of flora and fauna. It has a lot to offer and if you are lucky enough to come here during one of theirpeak seasons, you could get some really amazing wildlife.

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve Watford


Maple Lodge is situated in the Dorset/Essex region of the country. It is nestled at the base of a large cliff and it is made out of mostly granite. This is a unique location because the nearby steep cliffs face the sea. This natural occurrence provides the park with its unique sea views and also acts as a barrier against erosion. The natural beauty of the surroundings have made it one of the best places in the UK to go and enjoy a natural environment.


Another aspect of the location that makes Maple Lodge so popular is the fact that it is located right next to another unique location. This park is called Watford Woods and it is a real surprise to many people. It is located in the north east corner of England and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. You will find many open wooded areas and some forests here. There is a wide variety of wildlife here including: Black bear, badgers, foxes, badger, hedgehog and chipmunks and a whole host of birds including pigeon, wren and doves.


The wildlife in the area of the Park can also be very wild. In fact, many of the animals you will see here are on the threatened species list and it is vital that they are protected. Maple Lodge is also close by to a great park called Ambleside. Here you will find natural lakes and waterholes, which makes it ideal for relaxing after a day out. If you love swimming then you will love this park as it has two miles of excellent swimming beaches.


The park also has a camp site which is easily accessible and gives families a place to stay. There is also a cafe where you can relax and eat a tasty meal. There are many other attractions around the area including Ambleside Picnic Ground, which is home to an annual flea market and is a great way of shopping for unique gifts. You will also find antique shops and craft stores as well as a supermarket.


Maple Lodge reserve is also located near an area known as Buzzards Bay. This is home to a large variety of marine life. This is a great area to visit with the marine life often providing unusual creatures to see. You can spend time at sea and also go snorkelling or fishing, which is also a popular past time in the area.