Leavesden Country Park

Leave the Traffic Behind – Ride the Cable Car Up to the Leavesden Country Park

There is much to see and do in and around Leavesden Country Park, a picturesque little corner of Hertfordshire, England. Open air with walking trails, open space for play, sports facilities, a playground & an old fashioned BMX track. You will find this park tucked away in the Hertfordshire countryside. It’s location makes it convenient for visitors who travel to Hertford and want to get out of the busy city life, yet still be close to the exciting & recreational park features.

Leavesden Country Park


The best part of Leavesden country park is the amazing experience it provides to each visitor. The large playing area offers a great place to jump, run, tackle obstacles & have fun with other children. It’s easy to overlook the heritage trail that comes in at the end of the wide asphalt playing area. Inside you will find a very small and charming store with photos and information on the history of the location and its heritage. The store is operated by volunteers from the community, so it’s a great way to support local businesses and bring in some money for a good cause.


If you’re looking to get to Leavesden country park, you can take a bus or taxi. Buses go to the park, as do taxis. The easiest way to get to the location is to take the taxi. The lane that runs through the parking lot of the park has a sign that says “beware of dog” so keep dogs on a leash while you are inside. The lane also leads to the Ambleside Children’s Zoo, which is free to enter and offers many different attractions. Once you are inside, you may want to visit Abbot’s Langley Park, which is the largest children’s park in the UK.


The nearest hotel to the Leavesden Aerodrome is the Watford hotel. The bus station is quite close, as well, and it’s just a walk to the Ambleside Children’s Zoo. The hotel itself overlooks the park and is two blocks from the entrance to Abbot’s Langley Park. To get to the Ambleside hospital, which is only one mile from the park, you can use the bus, taxi, or bus transfer service. You can also walk to the hospital from the Watford hotel, which is only about a mile from the park.


Just outside of the Leavesden country park, you will find the Watford Junction. If you don’t want to drive through the bmx track, you can ride the trail to the top of the hills. The views are spectacular and include the English Riviera, the River Conwy, and the river Teviot. If you’re planning to stay at the hotels that are a few blocks away from the tracks, you can use the bus service or taxi. You can also ride the cable car up to the top of the hills and go back down again.


About seven miles north of the Leavesden country park is the town of Watford. It is home to secondary schools, and is about a half hour drive from Manchester. There are many options for sight seeing while you’re in Watford, so take advantage of the shopping opportunities. There are many nice little shops that are all indoors, including an independent book store and a gift shop. The secondary schools are all fully-boarding and the town offers several different options for daycare. The town is only about a half hour drive from Manchester, so if you don’t have much time to spend in town, this is definitely a good option.