King George Recreation Ground

Why You Should Consider King George’s Recycling Park

King George Recreation Ground

If you love King George recreate the scene of King George’s reign in real life with King George’s Park in Watford UK. Popular location with open fields, children’s playground equipment, an annual summer splash park & a small cafe. The location is on the banks of the Watford Sea with lovely views of the River Guell. King George’s Park is open from May to October.


King George’s Park provides a wide range of activities for all ages from tennis courts to a wide stretch of open space with grassy areas for parents to relax with their families. This popular King George’s Recreation Ground has a couple of indoor activities including a Kids’ centre which offers classes, games and other activities to entertain children while they are there. This centre also has two restaurants which serve a variety of snacks, meals & drinks. In addition to the restaurants there is a large amount of multi-purpose activity areas including two swimming pools, an artificial lake for kiddies and a state-of-the-art splash park complete with slides, ladders & wave runners.


The other King George’s Park locations in Watford include the Car Park, located on the opposite side of the King George’s Recreation Ground, which features a bushey complete with four restaurants, two bars, two fast food outlets, two snack bars and an arcade. The second of the King George’s Park locations is the Car Park Village which is situated just next to the Car Park. There are numerous buses running to Watford, many going to Watford Airport and a number going to the London Heathrow Airport. The Car Park Village offers a variety of facilities for people who are using the bus services and bus station. These facilities include the following: a bus stop/waiting area, two bars, two fast food outlets, a cinema, the theatre and two multi-purpose sports courts.


As you can see by visiting the King George’s Recreation Ground you will have plenty of opportunities to get fit. Not only that but there is a fantastic selection of activities to keep you entertained while you are at Watford. In fact if you have never been to Watford before why not take a look round and find out what all the fuss is about? The area of King George’s Recreation Ground is just one example of how a town like Watford can be so much more than just about being a place where you go to study, work or play.


The King George’s Park site also has two multi-purpose sports courts and a football pitch. King George’s Park is open from Tuesday to Sunday and includes an indoor cricket pitch as well as a swimming pool. You don’t have to live in Watford to enjoy these great sports courts as they are available for use by the whole family. In addition to sports courts there is a swimming pool and a beach area where families can relax or spend some quality time with each other.


The King George’s Recreation Ground has two full service golf courses which is excellent when you want to have a few practice rounds. If you enjoy the outdoors and the open space then this is a location you cannot afford to miss. On top of all the activities that King George’s Recreation Ground has to offer residents and visitors alike there are lots of restaurants to choose from and tons of shopping. You will easily find a local shop in Bushey that you can visit on your way to and from the King George’s Park site.