Hilfield Park Reservoir Watford

Why Visit Hilfield Park Reservoir Watford?

Located in the town of Hertford, in the south of England, Hilfield Park Reservoir presents itself as a quiet location suitable for leisure and recreational purposes. With access available to the nearby St. Marychurch Church and Watford Primary School, this lovely setting is an ideal place for a family vacation. The location makes it the perfect place for an enjoyable water activity. This reservoir was granted protection under the Habitat Information Act 1970.

Hilfield Park Reservoir Watford


Hilfield Park Reservoir lies within a wetland area and is surrounded by the Singing Deer Reserves and the Lady Bower Reservoir. The reservoir was created for water purposes, with a view to protecting the surrounding wetlands and encouraging wildlife. It is also a habitat for rare species of birds and many types of mammals. Declared a Natural World Heritage Site in the year 2021, the reservoir is now managed by Affinity Water and has an on-site visitor center, which offers information on the reservoir and nature life.


This lovely location is made up of several parcels of land that are collectively referred to as “the park”. On these parcels, are several different parks including the Central Park, Western Preserve, Bear Valley Wetland and Sloane’s Creek Wetland. Central Park comprises of the village of Hertford and the South Park, which features the playground and picnic areas. Western Preserve is designed to help protect the vulnerable native plant and animal life around the area. The Park is very environmentally sensitive and has been listed as a protected site since the 1960s. Visitors are welcome to observe and enjoy the flora and fauna, as well as the rock climbing, cycling and walking tracks.


A popular activity that takes place at the park is rafting. There are several rapids within the park to test the skills and courage of the inexperienced and adventurous. The main rapids are situated between Whistler and Tantra Peak. Further down is the Mt Sienna rapid. Finally, the Loweroa River rapid can be used if one is brave enough. All of these rapids can be accessed from the Loweroa parking area.


Hilfield Park is also home to a popular trout farm. Here the trout are fed with natural fish food in order to keep them healthy and to help them grow. There are several outfitters located at the park and trout can be caught on numerous rods here. The trout farm makes an excellent addition to any holiday in this part of Hertford.


If the tourists want to experience a bit of history, then the Old Market Hall is open to visitors. This historical site was once a busy market place that sells all kinds of items, such as wool, coal and flour. Today, the area has been preserved. There are two museum buildings on the site that display artifacts from the Victorian era. The Hope Stoop is a Grade 2 listed building and has a restaurant on the top floor.