Heath Robinson Museum

Heath Robinson – A Brief Introduction

The Heath Robinson Museum is an art museum in Pinner, London dedicated to showing the works of the famous artist, novelist, artist and political commentator William Heath Robinson, better known as Heath. It was established in 2021 and is located at Hey presto! Place, in central London. The museum is one of the leading cultural attractions in London and is known for its rich history and exciting exhibitions.

The new museum, which features this renowned artist’s work includes two major exhibitions which take place on an annual basis. These include the European Painting Scholarship Exhibition and the centennial of Robinson’s work, entitled The Year of the Conqueror. The exhibition includes a reconstruction of the west side of Pinner, complete with spectacular modernist architecture by renowned architects including the architect of the building, Frank Lloyd Wright; a reconstruction of the staircase in the west end of Pinner which originally led to the staircase which bears the artist’s works; and a ground-breaking permanent exhibition which commemorate the painter’s achievements as well as those of the past, including the establishment of the National Gallery in London from his birth in 1839. An interactive exhibition also takes place at the museum featuring video projections of key events in Heath’s long career.

The centennial exhibition celebrates the west side of Pinner in more detail. It features an original examination of the buildings where Heath worked including the famous Pinner factory and his birthplace. Exhibitions include displays of Heath’s textile work and key portraits which were made while working in his birthplace. The exhibition also covers the career of Heath’s great friend, Michael Rosen who wrote an intriguing biography of the artist.

In addition to the exhibition of his artwork, the new museum also features a newly reconstructed interpretation of his life and work entitled A Place I’ve Always Wanted to See. This reconstruction is based on research undertaken by David Shea, who undertook the task after becoming convinced that the originalisation of Heath’s life was flawed. Heath was in fact buried at the rear of his home, which was changed during his lifetime to make it more convenient for his family. His remains were never found and the reason given was that he was simply taken to a grave near his workshop where a cross-section of his body was found. Mr Shea believes that this was the real burial place of Heath.

The exhibition is supported by Sir Michael Caine, who is very proud of its achievement in bringing to the attention of people the true story of one of the most famous painters of all time. He is also very proud of the fact that the exhibition is being run by someone whose passion is in fact photography and not art. Sir Michael Caine first came to appreciate Heath’s work while doing a film on the subject and has since become an ardent and devoted fan. Mr Shea feels that it is the chance of someone who is passionate about photography coming to the museum and seeing the original paintings that adds so much to the overall story of Heath Robinson as an artist.

“It is unbelievable how a simple image of a man can bring so much history and meaning to our lives today,” said Mr. Shea. “The Heath Robinson Museum and Gallery are as much about his life as it is about his artwork. It is the chance for all of us to catch up with the man who played such an important part in our past and who continues to inspire us to be the best we can be. I feel very privileged to have been invited to display work by this great photographer, whose work still provokes conversation years after his death.” Mr. Shea has also worked with the author, Colleen Packham, who has produced an exhibition entitled The Changing Image – Changing Times.


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