Headstone Manor and Museum - Harrow

Headstone Manor and Museum

The Headstone Manor and Museum, formerly known as the Harrow Museum is a repository of information about the life and times of Thomas Headstone. Built in the eighteenth century, it was once the home of the wealthy Thomas Headstone. It is still frequented by visitors and has recently undergone renovation and refurbishment. The museum is a permanent residence of the late Thomas Headstone. Here you will learn about the prominent family’s life and legacy.

Headstone Manor and Museum


The Headstone Manor and Museum are located at Number Three Green Park Road, London WC1B 3RF. It is open to visitors all year round. It takes about two hours to get to Harrow from the main London train station. You can get there by taking the South West tube train or the overcrowded London Heathrow Express. No matter which way you take, you’ll arrive at the famous Thomas Headstone grave where you can pay your respects and find much more information about the prominent family.


At the Headstone Manor and Museum you will find a great hall that houses the Harrow Archaeological Museum. You will be able to see many examples of the rich culture of Harrow and the Middle Ages. Also inside this great hall are many artifacts, including the famous anchor and shoes of the family. This museum site also features a great hall that once had been the country estate of the duke of Gloucester. Visitors will find many different types of artifacts, including the billiards room and a prison cell built by Thomas of Cleves.


The Thomas Headstone Memorial and Research Centre are also on the site. Built in nineteen seventies, it is a nineteenth century railway station and shopping centre. The museum site covers more than one hundred years of the history of the town of Harrow. It also features the first duly registered building on the site of the great harrow bridge.


When you visit Harrow, you may want to consider visiting the Harrow Parish Church. It is listed as a Grade 1 buildings, with the main church being Grade 1A, built in seventeen thirty-six by Thomas Gainsborough. Thomas Gainsborough was a well known architect and builder in Harrow and is said to have designed the famous Thomas Headstone manor house. Some of the other notable buildings in the parish include the Thomas Gainsborough School, Harrow Court House and Thomas Gainsborough House.


There are many other great places to visit and enjoy in the town of Harrow. Headstone manor and Museum are just one attraction that visitors will not want to miss while they are in the area. The town of Harrow also has many popular day trips you can take along with you, including trips to the Harrow Castle, St. Marychurch, St. John’s Church and Moreton Bay. There is an exciting range of fun activities to keep children and adults busy during their visit to the Harrow.