Harwoods Adventurous

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Harwoods Adventurous

Waverley Park, situated in the heart of Watford, offers an exciting place to enjoy fun in the sun. This popular venue hosts popular events such as Harwoods Adventurous. Located right next door to Harwoods Shopping Centre, the Harwoods Adventurous Park is perfect for families and young kids. The free live entertainment takes place daily and during the summer months, there’s a huge outdoor party from late April to early August. When booking this popular destination, be sure to plan ahead.


Waverley Park’s state-of-the art Waverley Highcliff Rock climbing wall is available from 8am to midnight every day. This popular attraction is open from late April to early September. During this period, climb the Waverley Bridge – one of the longest suspension spans in Europe. Harwoods Adventurous will open early to the sound of a live steel band at large outdoor gym, 1-3pm, Sunday, April, 18th.


This popular outdoor activity has been created by award winning architect Peter Atkins. It offers visitors an exciting new tower that makes use of traditional Victorian garden buildings and Victorian stairs to create a stunning backdrop. There are two levels featuring a slate staircase and a swinging balcony. The exciting activities and sights make this a great place to visit on family holidays. Harwoods Adventurous also features a climbing wall where families can enjoy a challenging activity whilst watching the beautiful British weather.


Visitors will be delighted to learn that the tower offers fantastic views over the city and Waverley Park. The children’s climbing wall offers exciting climbing opportunities to children of all abilities. There are no limits when it comes to enjoying the activity; the gentle pace of the gently sloping terrain is ideal for parents wanting to spend some quality time with their children. The tower offers the opportunity to experience nature whilst having fun; this environment is ideal for young children who love the outdoors. The double zip wire system offers the ultimate in thrill rides, allowing two children to enjoy the action at the same time.


At the end of the two and half minute ride up the spiral staircase there is a double zip wire walkway offering a fantastic exciting look at the views over the London area. At the top of the spiral staircase visitors are treated to an amazing view of the London skyline. The Harwoods Adventurous London roller coaster ride takes people through a daring mid-air tunnel system with a gentle incline to take them into a thrilling tube ride. At the end of the tube journey, participants are greeted with a thrilling mid-air explosion and a panoramic view of London.


On the conclusion of the thrilling ride, the two story playground offers participants the chance to experience another exhilarating rollercoaster ride through a beautiful garden setting. The two themed areas, The Garden and The Green Bank, offer exciting spots for the children to play and the adults to relax. The Green Bank Mid-Air Tunnel, situated in the River Thames between Woolwich and East Croyde, connects with London’s public transportation system which provides a safe and easy way to get to and from the City. The garden is ideal for both families and couples; its unique location and peaceful atmosphere make it one of London’s most popular gardens.