Harrow Weald Recreation Ground

Things to Do in Harrow, West Yorkshire

Harrow Weald Recreation Ground

Looking for free things to do around Harrow Weald and the Harrow town area? Here’s a quick selection of free and paid things to do at Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, where the famous British television series “It’s a Wonderful life” was filmed. Harrow Weald is located in North West London within the London Borough of Harrow. This picturesque town is known as one of the most popular places to live in England outside London.


The famous Harrow Weald Recreation Ground can be found beneath the pitches of the Harrow Football Club, which is based nearby. It’s also home to a number of schools and colleges. The Old Hall School, built in 1876, was destroyed in the World War II but is now used for football pitches. There are also several cricket clubs in attendance, plus the Harrow Weald Recreation Ground hosts regular games of football.


There are two ways to get to the Harrow Weald Recreation Ground: By Bus or By Train. The nearest public transportation is to travel to London South Bank and catch the Crossrail train between London Victoria and London Harrow by paying a one-way fare. This is a fast and convenient way to get to the centre, however it’s also one of the most expensive. The other option is to use the Crossrail train and travel from London Victoria to London Euston by paying the special one-way fare. However, the journey by train is not exactly quick, so you may want to consider taking the taxi.


The closest Underground Station is at West Wickham, which is situated a mile from Harrow on the south side of London. Although travelling by train isn’t exactly fast, it’s still much faster than traveling by bus, and the journey takes only half an hour. The underground station is just next door to the Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, and is one stop on the Underground’s Victoria Line.


The closest bus terminal to Harrow Weald is at Coleshill Station, which is situated 2 miles from the centre. Buses travel to and from central London every day, so you should not have any problems getting to the centre using public transport. If you’re planning to visit in winter, the nearest bus stand is at Coleshill Park, which is situated just next to the Old Hall School. If you prefer cycling instead of walking, then the nearest cycle lane is at Bowes Park, which is just behind the Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, and is also just next to the Bowes Park Cycle Trail. Harrow is surrounded by fields, parks and allotments, making it easy to get away from it all for a leisurely lunchtime stroll.


Harrow has a lot to offer visitors and is considered to be a very attractive and charming place to live. There are plenty of good restaurants to choose from, and plenty of shopping to do, whether you prefer the local fashion to high end shopping. The town is also very famous for its cricket clubs and football teams, which are located just beside the banks of the River Thames at Old Hall. So if you’re looking for somewhere to park your car and have a meal, you can’t go wrong with Harrow! More Info about – Pinner Memorial Park