Harrow Arts Centre

Harrow Arts Centre – A Well Renowned Arts Venue

Harrow Arts Centre

Harrow Arts Centre is an award winning professional arts centre in the London Borough of Harrow. HAC is situated in Hatch End, Harrow, North London; it is the sole dedicated performing arts centre in the borough. For over ten years it has been a vital focal point for both local residents and visitors to the area. It was listed as one of the Ten Best Places to See in 2021.


It started life as a horse racing venue in 1874. The horses were the first to use the building which was known as the Horse Park until the turn of the century when it became a central location for community events and engagements. In the twentieth century the Harrow Arts Centre was designed to accommodate a performing arts centre and a place for the public to go for theatre and shows. In its present format it still hosts regular concerts, events and productions.


There are a number of venues in London where you can take in a performance of a classical or contemporary type. Harrow is one such area. The present structure of the art venue was created by Charles Mackworth Harrow, who was the Senior Theatre Manager at the time. Mackworth had previously worked at the National Theatre and the Savoy Theatre. Mackworth designed the layout of the present Harrow Arts Centre, which has two levels – a first level for the stage and second level containing the seats. A circular pit was designed as an additional feature.


Harrow is served by three Underground stations – Harrow Underground and Victoria, and a bus station – Ellang Walk. The centre is easily accessible from Victoria and the bus station. The underground station is just stairs away from the main entrance. On the upper floor is the Harrow Arts Centre, which serves as the venue for regular concerts, events and performances. The centre can also be reached by an underground metro.


Another well-known arts venue in London is the Theatre Royal, which is located at Harrow and is the home of the London Ballet. The theatre is situated in an historic old mansion, which is also home to the likes of Sir Peter Stringfellow and Henry Irving. The theatre is known for its dramatic performances that have won several awards. During summer the centre presents a range of musicals and dramas, along with the usual repertoire of musicals and dramas. There are also popular shows throughout the year.


Harrow is conveniently placed close to the towns of Uxbridge Road and Penge Park so travelling between the venues in London is easy. The journey planner businesses operating in Harrow provide easy access to transport services such as the DLR, tube, buses, taxis and the intercity bus service. The journey planner businesses have tie-ups with various transport operators to make the journey easy and hassle free. The journey planner services also provide information on bus routes to make your journey easy and convenient. Also Find about

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