Garston Park Watford

Garston Park Watford – A Wonderful Place For Family Traveling

Garston Park Watford – pronounced “gey stan”, is located in the district of Hertfordshire in the country of England. This place is well-known for its beautiful countryside and it became very popular as a tourist destination during the later twentieth century. Its location makes it an ideal place to spend leisure time. The park is also known to be home to numerous species of wildlife. If you want to learn more about the popular attraction and all its exciting offerings, here’s a Garston Park Watford guide you can’t miss!

Garston Park Watford


About Garston Park: Garston Park Watford is an 8 km long natural park situated in the district of Hertfordshire in the country of England. It is also a part of the National Trust. An area of about 6.4 kilometers, about fifty percent of the park is a designated local nature reserve. It is currently owned and administered by Watford Borough Council.


What to See and Do: When you want to have an enjoyable day trip, consider visiting the park. It is known to have a lot of different activities to do, especially for families with small children. You can go horseback riding, camping, hiking, and riding in a boat. There are also several places of interest such as a zoo, a lake, and a play area. Of course, there’s no end to the things to do because this location is constantly being developed.


How to Get to the Location: Garston Park Watford is easily accessible from London. You can either take a train or a bus. Buses are the most convenient option for visitors who are not used to traveling that far. However, trains are much faster and easier to use because they can easily pick you up at any location. The train station is located near West Wickham and East Wickham.


How to Find a Place to Stay: Garston Park Watford has many different options for lodgings. If you’re interested in shopping, you might want to stay at the Lanes. They provide comfortable and clean lodgings, while also providing many different amenities. Of course, if you prefer to simply relax and get away from it all, then you can choose to stay at the Guest House. It provides cozy accommodations, as well as a wide variety of relaxing activities.


Garston Park Watford is definitely a destination that you should consider when planning to visit London’s East End. The scenery is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the overall experience is enjoyable. Anyone will be impressed by the quality of the park’s services and accommodations. Why wait another day?