Ebury Way

The Routes Of The Ebury Way

The Ebury Way Cycle Path is an old fashioned style cycle path that runs between Rickmansworth, in Hertfordshire, England and Watford, in Hertfordshire. It runs along the border between the UK and France. There is also a tunnel that is two miles long through this tunnel.

Ebury Way


If you are interested in traveling from the town of hertfordshire to the nearby village of Watford, you can do so by taking one of the train services that is provided by the London Midland Railway. There is also a bus that provides the same service but leaves from the central point of Watford. Both of these options provide great accessibility to important locations within the area, as well as being very convenient for those that are traveling from other areas outside of Hertfordshire. The rail trail also provides access to some of the best outdoor locations in the area.


The location of the Ebury Way begins at the town of Rickmansworth. Once there, it travels eastward along the canal until it makes a short turn into the Wiltshire Waterworks and ends its journey at the Watford Bridge. Although there is a small bridge across the canal, it is not wide enough for most cyclists. There is an informational sign on the bridge that points out the location of the nearest bus stop for the nearby route of the Wiltshire Central Station.


To get to the location of the Watford Bridge, cyclists can travel on the road that runs between the station and the nearby bypass station. However, there is also a railway line that goes between the two stations. These trains run along the railway line until they reach the destination of the bypass station. Buses along this route can pick up cyclists who would like to travel back to the central London area.


The first major structure that the Ebury Way crosses is the Roman Road, which was built during the first century AD. The road travels along the left bank of the river until it reaches the second river that joins the left bank of the Ebury. This section was constructed of muddy paths that made it difficult for vehicles to pass through. Nevertheless, this path has since been rebuilt to make it easier for large vehicles to pass through. It now follows the Watford bridge and continues towards the town of Wiltshire. Once there, the path splits into three directions: one goes towards the bypass station of Wiltshire; the other two continue along the railway line that goes between the towns of Rickmansworth and Watford.


Finally, the third direction of the Ebury Way route, goes towards the south of the Grand Union canal about seven miles away. Here, the path turns left and leads towards the Ambleside Clay Pits, a historic burial place for the Romans. The Ambleside Clay Pits was excavated in 2021, and the remains of two of the town’s ancient kings can be found within.