Chorleywood House Estate Car Park Watford

Development Possible For New Estate

Chorleywood House Estate Car Park Watford

A newly developed play space at the famous Chorleywood House Estate near Watford is described as the ‘perfect’ location by local green activists as they call for more people to chip in and help fund the development. The Chorleywood House Estate lies at the heart of the popular Watford – East Riding area of Hertfordshire. Its two-storey vintage home, once used as a summer home to Royal Air Force personnel, is now being transformed into an eco-friendly luxury housing complex. Up to eight houses, the Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, are due to be sold off in the coming months.


“This is a very unusual situation where we are about to sell the houses, and the perfect location is right here at Chorleywood,” explains resident Paul Taylor. “We have been looking forward to the sale for a long time and this will be the ideal place for people in our community to come and buy. We know that the demand for the car park will be high because of the excellent facilities.” The Chorleywood House Estate boasts a mixed use of retail and leisure activities including a golf club and swimming centre, a leisure centre with classes and sports, a market and other facilities.


About 40 per cent of the residents of Chorleywood live in Hertfordshire and about half of these live in the town of Chorleywood itself. “Chorleywood has always looked on the up and has always been a great location for people to live and buy. There are many great communities around the country which are in very attractive locations,” adds Mr Taylor. “The key for any estate is to attract people in. The car park is something that will help with that”.


The estate is managed by IMG, the world’s largest property and development group. “HSG is committed to delivering first class commercial and residential premises to clients around the world and Chorleywood is at the top of the list,” says Mr Taylor. “HSG has invested a lot of money and time into this location. They are fully aware of the facilities and location and they aim to make sure that people living here have access to the best there is in the market.” The company also runs about thirty schools, a golf course, a tennis club, a gym and a restaurant. This gives it a solid social mix and it is hoped that this will help to keep the community thriving and to keep the people of Chorleywood and the surrounding areas involved in local activities and tourism.


“We all know that people love their cars and it makes sense to let them park their car at this facility and then use it when they want to get around”, says Mr Taylor. He notes that there is also the added bonus of having free parking and this helps with the transport links that are available around the Chorleywood and surrounding areas. This has been one of the main attractions for residents, visitors and people that work in the surrounding area.


It is hoped that the plans for the future of the Chorleywood and the surrounding areas will be positive and that more things will become available for residents. There are currently about twelve car parks in the whole of Chorleywood and about half of these have been opened. One idea is to create a larger car park in this place, perhaps in conjunction with the nearby High Street shopping centre and the local supermarket. This would make it easier for people who need to travel to do so without having to worry about driving all the way around. The car park should also act as a good location for deliveries from the nearby hospitals and it is hoped that more deals will come about with suppliers of outdoor equipment in the future as well.