Bushey Museum and Art Gallery

A Tourist’s Paradise

Bushey Museum and Art Gallery Watford

Bushey Museum and Art Gallery is situated in Watford, Hertfordshire. It was formally opened as a voluntary-run voluntary museum in October 1993, with achieving Full Membership of the Museums and Galleries Commission with its acquisition of the former Christ Church Cathedral as its permanent location. The Gallery is located on the south side of the river Bushey in what was once the industrial town of Hertford. Over the years, the Gallery has grown to comprise of a range of venues and exhibitions dedicated to local, national and international exhibitions and collections.

The location was selected because of its short distance from both London and Watford cathedral. Moreover, it is centrally located and centrally linked by transport to the rest of the places in Hertfordshire and the South London. The Bushey railway station is the only station that can be accessed from the location. There are also many bus services going to and from the venue. Taxis are also available from the nearby streets for those looking for an inexpensive mode of transportation.

Despite its imposing size, the museum is surprisingly comfortable and accessible for all types of visitors. Most of the facilities available are flexible and are meant to make the tourist experience pleasant. The museum itself can be explored via its two main floors. The first gallery is devoted to the history of art and its influence on the people, while the second floor deals exclusively with contemporary art collections. Both have interactive exhibits as well as audio-visual presentations.

The Museum also features a reading center and reception area where you can find information about current events, poetry and other publications that interest you. There is also a cafeteria that offers a cafeteria style menu. The cafeteria serves light meals during the lunch break along with snacks and coffee. The museum building also houses an art gallery that contains artworks belonging to different artists.

Bushey is situated in close proximity to Watford and Leicestershire. Therefore, it is easily accessible from the major cities. The nearest train station is the Watford International Airport. There is also a rail link known as the Watford bypass. The nearest station that can be reached by train is the Bressingham railway station. There are also a number of bus services that travel to and from the museum.

Another factor that makes Bushey a popular destination spot for tourists is the beautiful countryside surrounding the city. Many tourists come to see the natural beauty of the place and drive through the countryside just to get a taste of what real country life is like. They may also visit the Shropshire countryside and take the train to their destinations. One can also ride a horse brought to the museum from its sponsor, the Deccan Gymkhana. The museum is also home to a small tea shop which serves delicious tea to visitors.

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