Batchworth Lock Canal Centre Watford

Batchworth Lock Canal Centres

Batchworth Lock Canal in Hertfordshire is a great place to visit if you are coming from the London area. This particular lock canal location is located near the Watford International Airport. The main center of the town is the Batchworth Lock Industrial Space which offers public and private transportation. The canal itself is open for visitors from early May through late October. Boat tours along the canal are offered several times each day starting in May and running every alternate month through November.


The shopping center at the Batchworth center includes a superstore offering a full selection of fine jewelry, handbags & accessories. Specially priced by the season are available in the “Batchworth Signature” boutiques including diamonds and pearls. In addition to the signature shops there is the Tuff Shed, a two story wood barn converted into a family fun spot for children to play. In addition to the indoor and outdoor shopping offerings there is also a covered green space that is used as an artist’s studio and a small stage for live music acts. There is a variety of food vendors in addition to the fine jewelry, handbag, and leather goods merchants.


To make the most of your trip to this area of Hertfordshire, it is highly recommended that you check into one of the Batchworth Lock Canal Cruises that operate between the months of May and September. The cruise runs between the docks at Batchworth, a town on the Batchworth Lock Canal in Hertfordshire, England. This cruise operates the length of the canal taking travelers on a short ride through the area before returning to the docks.


The Batchworth Lock Canal Cruises depart from the docks at the Batchworth Lock Industrial Space. The excursion boats are stocked with delicious local refreshment along with free tastings of a wide selection of wines, beers, and spirits. On board all of the cruises are expert guides who are knowledgeable about local history, the area’s festivals, local entertainment, and much more. The cruise itineraries are customized to meet the needs of each guest. The excursions are designed to give visitors a complete tour of the area while they relax on the large viewing windows of the ship’s dining room.


Several local retailers set up shop inside the historic canal area. Local boutiques such as The St. Petersburg’s Deli, The Ritzy Store, and Maggy’s Greek Cafe are among the area’s established businesses. These businesses along with several others have been in business for over forty years making them one of the local establishments that locals in the area have likely heard of. Even though many tourists visit the area, it is not frequented by many local residents and this makes it an unusual place to shop for locals.


The Batchworth Lock Canal Centre attracts people from all across the world. Local merchants have created a unique atmosphere where visitors can enjoy shopping, eating, and resting in the peaceful and well-furnished environment found on board the ships. While here, there are many opportunities to take part in activities such as kayaking, cycling, walking, or strolling through the canal. You can even visit the lock canal itself and experience this historically significant spot for yourself!