Aldenham Reservoir Watford

Aldenham Reservoir Watford – Information About The Park

Aldenham Reservoir Watford

If you are looking to see some of the prettiest water features in the United Kingdom, then you should visit the Aldenham Reservoir. This is located in the county of Hertfordshire and is right by the River Aldenham. It is an official British nature reserve and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. The reason why it is so popular is because of its unique design as a reservoir. It has two sections: a wet pond which is about five acres in size and an underwater tunnel that connects to the main Whitacre Dam. You can walk the entire way from the pond to the dam.


If you are considering a park for your children, you may want to consider this location. It is located on a beautiful part of land and is not far from London. The closest park that you could probably go to would be at West Sussex. However, if you do not have children and you would like a less populated place to visit, then the Aldenham area is perfect for you.


There are many things to do at the park. First of all, you will want to visit the dam. You can view the setting sun and see why this area became known as “Poppyland.” You can also tour the pea gravel quarry while you are there. If you want to tour the park without driving yourself, you can take a bus tour from the Watford International Airport.


If you are interested in more than just water activities, there are plenty of things to do in the area. You can go horseback riding in the summer or walk hand in hand with your partner on the trails located around the pond. You may even want to try fishing on a pontoon located nearby.


If you want to get your feet wet, you can take a dog paddle ride around the reservoir. You will be amazed at the different types of fish you will catch. If you are looking for more exciting activities, you can take a trip to the park’s boating center. This will give you a chance to experience what it is like to operate a boat on the reservoir.


The park is open year round. You will need to enter the park from the Watford tube station. If you do not want to use the tube, you can drive your rental car into the park. The area is located within a short walking distance from central London. If you are planning a weekend trip, you may want to consider taking it to the park.